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Student refresh and expand their study skills on Facebook

Together with Virtualiseren in Avans, Tatia Gruenbaum, teacher at Avans School of International Studies (ASIS), has developed a Facebook-page for students. The page helps students to acquire, refresh or expand on (missed) essential academic and career skills.

Tatia: “In tertiary education, year 1 and year 2 can be considered undoubtedly fundamental to academic success. Embedded in many first year classes, study skills such as note taking, working in teams, referencing and research skills can be found. Equally acknowledged is the fact that the first years at university can be overwhelming; classes are missed, lecture notes lost. However, missing out on essential skills can be crucial to the success of students’ studies and internships. It therefore seems indispensable that students, of all study years, are given the opportunity to acquire, refresh or expand on (missed) essential academic and career skills.”

But how can students be motivated to take initiative to catch up on missed content and to become responsible for their own learning and academic progress? And how can this learning take place without increasing the teaching workload?

For the English Department of ASIS, the answer lies within our students' favourite tool: facebook. With the help of apps, Tatia created a customised facebook page called The Study Skills Page. This single page offers a comprehensive study & career skills resource 'library', TEDx Blog feed, suitable video playlist and Twitter Feed. The page is managed by Tatia's online persona called Doris. Doris aims to support & inspire students and answer possible questions. She also makes daily posts according to current subjects / projects and overall aims to provide a sense of community especially for students abroad on work-placement. Meet Doris on Facebook.

Do you think such a page could be interesting for your students? Like The Study Skills-page on Facebook and stay informed or follow the Study Skills on Twitter.

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Laatst bijgewerkt op 8 juni 2015.